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About Sanchore

Sanchore, a famous historical town of Rajasthan, is situated in Jalore district. This town was once known as Satyaput. Now it is the headquarters of the Sanchore tehsil. A prominent Jain temple, where a cattle fair is organized in the months of April and May in every year, is the important tourist location here.

Geography of Sanchore

About Sanchore

Sanchore town is located on National Highway at a distance of 163.2 km towards west from the city of Jalore and 550 km away from Sate capital Jaipur towards east. The geocoordinate of Sanchore is the latitude 26.92 and longitude 75.8. Pratappura (4.4 km), Chimrawas (55 km away), Dhamana (6.1 km) are the nearby villages of this town.

The nearby cities include Tharad city, Bhinmal City and Deesa city. Sanchore Tehsil is bounded by Dhanera Tehsil, Tharad Tehsil, vav Tehsil and Bhinmal Tehsil. Sanchore generally has a dry temperature with too hot in summer. The temperature may vary from 290C to 440C in summer. January and February are comparatively comfortable season to visit Sanchore, as temperature is in between 200C to 220C during this period.

Administration in Sanchore

Sanchore contains two panchayat Samiti. First one is sanchore and the second is Chitalwana. It is one of the five sub-units of Jalore district. Sanchore is an assembly constituency in Rajasthan Sate. The sitting MLA of this constituency is Sukhram Vishnoi from Indian National Congress. Sanchore assembly constituency, along with other four legislative assembly constituencies such as Jalore, Ahore, Bhinmal and Raniwara, comes under JJalore-Sirohi joint parliamentary constituency. Devji M Patel from Bharatiya Janta party is the sitting MP of this constituency.

History of Sanchore

Sanchore is the birth-place of the great poet Upadhyaya Shri Samayasundara Maharaj. According to the “vividha Tirth Kalpa” written in the 14th century by revered Shri Jinaprabhasuri, Nahada Raja constructed a sky-scraping temple and installed a gold-idol of Bhagwan Mahavir Swami in around V.S 130. King Kanoj is stated to have got constructed a wooden temple of Bhagwan Mahavir in the 13th century of the Vikrama era. We can see a stone with an inscription that Shri Chaada Sheth got the temple of Mahavir Bhagwan repaied and renovated in V.S 1322. Allauddin Khilji took thegold-idol to Delhi and it is not traceable till now.

Before India got independence, Sanchore town was under the rule of Chauhan Rajputs. During the period of independence, it was the part of Jodhpur state and it was known as Hukumat of Jodhpur State. In 1882, one administration board, called “Mahkma Kash” and “Court of Hakims” was made here for establishing revenue and judicial administration. Each pargna was included in the jurisdiction of one Hakim. Each hakim could enjoy the civil suit till 500 hundred Ruppes. They also had the criminal powers of 4 months of imprisonments and fine of 200 rupees.

One additional collector was appointed later for the better administration. One sub divisional office was established later for looking revenue administration. Tehsildar and nybe Tehsildar were appointed under sub divisional office. Later ila parishad was made at district level to look after the panchayat raj works. Out of the seven Vikash Khand established under Sila Parishad, one was made in Sanchore.

Culture of Sanchore
Most of the people in Sanchore belong to Jain Shwetamber community. They are mainly businessmen working in the stainless steel industry. The jain community is divided two groups. One is Sthanalwasi, the followers of Shri Prakash Munji Maharajsaheb and the other is Derawasi, the followers of Shri Kanakprabhasuriji, Shri Ratnakarsuriji, Shri Rajendrasuriji and Shri Maniprabhasagarji. Rao, Even though many jains were migrated to Mumbai, the people in Sanchore still continue to stage religious functions and marriages here. Kannungo, Bothra, Mehta, Doshi, Munot, Burad, Bhansali, Sanghvi, Chandan and Sheth are the common surnames in Sanchore.

Economy of Sanchore

The economy of sanchore is mainly based on agriculture and animal husbandary. The predominant crop here is oilseeds, especially mustard oil seed. Other main crops in the area are Jeera, Wheat, Bajra, Kharif, Jowar and Swasum erc. Sanchore town experienced a significant progress with this century. There is a growing automobile spare parts and tyre market as well as an industrial and commercial hardware market in the town.

Cairn Energy, oil exploration company, discovered 480, 000, 000 tonnes of crude oil in the Barmer-Sanchore basin in 2010. Many infrastructure projects are also in progress in the town. The Gopal Govardhan Gaushala, located in Pathmeda village near Sanchore is one of the largest in India. The goshala spreads over 200 acres and takes care of more than 18,000 cattle.

About Sanchore

Previously Jalore and Barmer districts in Rjasthan had highly saline water and very poor monsoon that made more 65% of lands barren. That is why itself, agricultural productivity was very poor here. But, The agricultural sector of Sanchore became flourished with the entering of Narmada canal to the Rajasthan State through the village of Silu in Sanchore Tehsil. The canal, which starts in Gujarat, enters Rajasthan after passing through 458 kilometers in Gujarat.

The Narmada Canal is 74 km long in Rajasthan with nine major distributaries. The main canal, major and secondary distributaries serve 124 villages in jalore and Barmer districts supplying water in an area of 1,477 square kilometers. Rajasthan Government established a 220Kv Substation in 2011 that supplies electricity to Sanchore. It improved power delivery and made the state more attractive to industry.

Healthcare Facilities in Sanchore

There are many multispecialty hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other health care facilities like lab and research centers that provide people with advanced treatments and high quality services.

Sagar Hospital and Research Centre
Address: Sanchore Main Road, Badsam By-Pass Road,
Sanchore, Near Gayatri College, Jalore, Rajasthan, 343041
Phone number: 02979 285614, 0941454182

Bhansali Hospital & Research Centre
Address: Tharad Road NH 15,
Sanchore, Jalore, Rajasthan, 343041
Phone number: 9414373800

Sanchore Government Hospital
Address: NH 15, Sanchore, Jalore,
Rajasthan, 343041

Guru Kripa Hospital
Address: Sanchore, Choudhary Dhram Sala Raniwada Chowk,
Jalore, Rajasthan, 343041
Phone number: 9587772287

Sarvoday Hospital
Address: Subhash Chowk, Sanchore,
Jalore, Rajasthan, 343041
Phone number: 9928223200

Sonal Hospital
Address: Sanchore Main Road, Subhash Chowk,
Near Nilam Cinema, Sanchore, Jalore, Rajasthan, 343041
Phone number: 02979 283602

Saraswati Hospital Sanchore
Address: Badsam by Pass Road,
Sanchore, Jalore, Rajasthan
Phone number: 9799008855
Email ID: saraswatihospitalsanchore@gmail.com

Baba Ramdev Patanjali Chikitsalaya
Address: Chajjed Bhawan, New Bus Stand Road,
Subhash Nagar Colony, Sanchore, Jalore, Rajasthan, 343041
Phone number: 09869561960

Renu Clinic
Address: Vivekananda Circle, Subhash Market,
Near State Bank of Bikaner And Jaipur,
Sanchore, Jalore, Rajasthan, 343041
Phone number: 02979 283228

Shanu Nursing Home
Address: Sanchore Main Road, Near New Bus Stand,
Subhash Nagar Colony, Sanchore, Jalore, Rajasthan, 343041
Phone number: 02979 283589, 02979 283565

Vishwas Dental Clinic
Address: Near Purana Bus Stand, Hadecha Road,
Sanchore, Jalore, Rajasthan, 343041
Phone number: 9610066866

Sagar Lab Centre
Address: Sanchore Main Road,
Badsam By-Pass Road, Sanchore, 343041
Phone number: 02979 285614, 09414154182

Emergency Services in Sanchore

Contact details of main police stations in the city are listed here.

Police Stations in Sanchore

Sanchore Police Station
Address: Sanchore Main Road,
Near Government Higher Secondary School,
Police Station Road, Sanchore, Jalore, Rajasthan, 343041
Phone number: 02979 258004

Chitalwana Police Station
Address: Sanchore Main Road, Chitalwana,
Near Givernment Higher Secondary School,
Sanchore, Jalore, Rajasthan, 343041
Phone number: 02979 286315

Superintendent of Police
Address: NH 15, Kacheri Road,
Near Sanchore Post Office,
Sanchore, Jalore, Rajasthan, 343041
Phone number: 02979 283240

Social Welfare Services in Sanchore

There are a few active social service organizations in Sanchore that are enthusiastically engaged in many social relevant issues and try to help the people in all possible ways.

Bharat Vikas Parishad Vikalang Sahayata Kendra

About Sanchore

This center is functioning under Bharat Vikas Parishad, a Delhi based organization for development of the nation. The aim of Vikalaanga Sahayata Kendra is providing help and rehabilitation of physically challenged people. It does many services like first aid, ambulance, physiotherapy centre etc.
Address: Bothra Farm House, Hadecha Road, Sanchore, Jalore, Rajasthan, 343041

Sanskar Educational and Social Development Society

This organization works on various issues like education & Literacy, health & family welfare, information & communication, labour & employment, environment & forests, rural development & poverty alleviation, women’s development & empowerment art & culture etc.

Bokadiya Vas, Main market,
Sanchore, Rajasthan, 343041
Phone number: 9845255388, 02979 224541
Email ID: sems.sanchore@gmail.com

National Shikshan Sansthan
It is a popular NGO in Sanchore that has conducted many activities in Rajasthan including womenself help groups by panchayati Raj, vermin composite training, free computer education etc.

Joshi Bhawan, Brahmano ka vas,
Sanchore, Jalore, Rajasthan, 343041
Phone number: 02979 223050, 9950489820

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